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Our motto is simple - "Free speech, with manners!" Sprecn.com is a discussion board community dedicated to the thoughtful exchange of diverse thoughts on scores of topics, from home and garden to conspiracy theories. We encourage our members from around the world to participate in a free expression of ideas, with civility that is too often missing from other discussion boards.

With a quickly growing membership, new discussions are being generated at a fast pace. We welcome all visitors to sprecn.com, and encourage visitors to join as members (it's free and easy) so they can participate in the discussion. In addition to a wide variety of discussion topics, sprecn.com provides the following for our members:

  • User-Friendly Environment - sprecn.com is structured for visitors to easily find discussions they're interested in, and for site members to easily communicate with each other
  • Secure Instant Messaging - our private messaging system is secure and easy to use
  • Avatars - customize your profile with an appropriate image of your choosing
  • Mobile Device Compatibility - sprecn.com is responsive, so the site functions similarly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices
  • Thread Following - members can favorite threads and subscribe to threads they're interested in following
  • Member Involvement - members can be actively involved in the site by suggesting a missing category, reporting spam or abuse of site rules, or by requesting to be a category moderator.

Sprecn.com strives to maintain a collaborative and civil environment for users of the discussion board. Posts must be substantive and add value to a thread. Spam and trolling are prohibited, as is insulting, demeaning, or threatening language. Bad manners are strongly discouraged. Check out our site rules for specifics.

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