Land Rover v. Jeep

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Snowy created the topic: Land Rover v. Jeep

I am considering buying a new truck next year and I want to make sure it's a sturdy, reliable make, but also capable of getting me anywhere should the need arise. I don't intend to a lot of off-roading, but I live in a rural area and you just never know. Does anyone here have an opinion about a Jeep versus a Land Rover? Or is there something else you would suggest?

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fireme replied the topic: Land Rover v. Jeep

In your situation, I would buy a Jeep. I see Land Rovers as suburban wanna-be's on steroids. The Jeep is the real deal in my opinion.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Land Rover v. Jeep

I have driven and ridden in both. I prefer the comfort and body style of a Jeep any day. However, when it comes to getting over rugged terrain or driving during hazardous weather, I would definitely choose the Land Rover. I live in a rural area too and I have seen times when the Jeep I owned at the time would not pull a hill with even a small amount of snow. The Land Rover went everywhere any time I needed it to.