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JoJo created the topic: Greece

What's your favorite ancient civilization to read about? For me, it's the Greek one. I have always been fascinated by that country and its history. One day, I will visit Greece :)

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Zara replied the topic: Greece

Having grown up listening to stories of Greek Mythology such as Hercules, Perseus, Theseus... a lot of 'euses'... I have always held a love and deep fascination for anything to do with Greece, too. That would be an amazing place to visit, and I would dearly love to see the Temple of Athena up close.

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DeepSea replied the topic: Greece

My favourite ancient civilization to read about has always been ancient Egypt. I remember learning about it in school, and I found it super interesting. I love hearing about the Pharaohs, their complex tombs and burial rituals, their mythology and their ancient artwork.

I don't know if I'd necessarily want to visit Egypt, but it might be interesting to see the few things that were left behind by the ancient Egyptians.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Greece

The study of Ancient Rome intrigues me. I visited there last year and it was fascinating to see how buildings were built over each other layer by layer down through the centuries. Modern Italian architects and builders are always discovering new (ancient) structures when they go to build a parking garage or hotel or any other undertaking when they commence digging. They wind up building around the remains in order to preserve their integrity.

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fireme replied the topic: Greece

Certain cultures in the middle eastern region of the world back in the 500 ad time frame. The moon worship, the rituals, the fact that they did all this before religion started categorizing things as good or evil. Back in the time when things like that were more a way of life than a religious philosophy. Back when things were real and what we consider magic now was just something people took for granted because it was....well......a way of life.

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Zara replied the topic: Greece

I just watched an epic movie about the ancient Greeks and it left me thinking about how amazing that civilization was. Everything to do with the Greeks seems to just exude that 'not of this earth' feeling, from the buildings to the culture and everything else.