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Mushroom created the topic: Home theater

Do you have your own home theater system? There are so many movies I can't watch at the theater for many reasons, and watching them on my computer feels like a waste of the cinematography. I'm not sure where to start, though.

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Zara replied the topic: Home theater

Why don't you try getting surround sound for your computer instead of installing a whole home theater system? Unless, of course it will be for the whole family.

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JoJo replied the topic: Home theater

I have never had that. I'm really curious about how it sounds and if it's really as good as people say. I watch stuff mostly on my iPad most of the time :D

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Chara replied the topic: Home theater

Surround sound is wonderful!! I thought that it would blast us out of the den but it's very adjustable. I was home bound for about 6 months due to an accident and my husband made a home theater in our den for me. I really enjoyed watching movies and shows like I was in a movie theater. You will enjoy your "home theater" once you get it put together. Talk to some of the sales people at places like HHGregg or other electronic stores. They can help you put it together.