What is in the sky over Denver?

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jeepster created the topic: What is in the sky over Denver?

Any aviation geeks out there? I've been watching an interesting aircraft in the sky above Denver visually and on Flightradar24 - it was in a racetrack pattern above and west of Denver for a couple of hours. The pattern overlapped on every pass, and it looks like the east side of the racetrack ended directly over downtown Denver and the west side ended directly over Winterpark ski area.

Flightradar24 had it identified as IRON99 during the racetrack pattern, but it changed to RUFF7 when it left that pattern and started heading southeast. Flightradar24 shows it skipping all over southeast Colorado now, from SE to N to SE again (I assume this part is a glitch in the app). Flightradar24 showed IRON99 as originating north of San Francisco, disappearing over Nevada and Utah, reappearing near Salt Lake City, and then it headed to the Denver area. It appears to be airline/tanker sized and twin engines. If the origin is accurate on Flightradar24, the aircraft first appeared just north of Travis AFB.

Anyone have an idea what this was?

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Looks like I wasn't the only one who noticed this today! www.thedenverchannel.com/news/...ew-answers

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It's almost certain to be military. When an aircraft does not communicate with ground while going the distance that it did and is not actively questioned.........it's military.