Human DNA Alien?

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Zara created the topic: Human DNA Alien?

I just read an article about how the human DNA carries hints of unknown extinct ancestors. What are your opinions on this?

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Tiana replied the topic: Human DNA Alien?

I found this topic so interesting that I immediately conducted a quick search online on the subject. I found the article that I think you may be referring to, and I have to say, it's pretty mind-blowing to think that those Pacific Islanders seem to be carrying that unknown DNA. I definitely want to learn more about this.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Human DNA Alien?

I haven't heard about this, but it seems kind of hard to believe. It makes me think that someone is trying to get people stirred up so they may be more likely to believe that aliens do exist and have actually been here on Earth at some point in time.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Human DNA Alien?

I've heard down through the years how aliens bred with Homo Sapiens at various points in time. I don't know, maybe, possibly, but probably, I'm not at all convinced. There are some vague, loose allusions to such in the Bible, but my common sense steers me from such indulgence as to this.

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fireme replied the topic: Human DNA Alien?

And my common sense steers me towards it. Funny how subjective subject matter works, isn't it?

This doesn't surprise me at all. The human race is so diverse that it isn't logical to me to believe that we would all come from the same ancestors.

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Mushroom replied the topic: Human DNA Alien?

I'm rather skeptical to aliens because I feel like it's always brought up every time we have something unexplainable. I've heard that DNA is unstable and mutate easily; adding evolution to the scenery, perhaps that is why we find strange code combinations. It's an "alien" concept, indeed.