Camping in the winter

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Serene created the topic: Camping in the winter

Has anyone ever tried winter camping before? I've always wanted to try it at least once but I don't know the necessary supplies that I would need. What kind of gear and survival equipment would you need to camp outdoors in the wintertime?

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Snowy replied the topic: Camping in the winter

We have a tent that is supposed to be capable of withstanding winter temperatures and cold winds, but we've never put it to the test. My husband is a southern boy who can't stand the cold, so I doubt he'd last more than a few minutes!

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EmmyG replied the topic: Camping in the winter

I have always wanted to try winter camping, but I am not sure how well I would do since I really don't care to be cold. I could only do it if I was in a cabin with a stove. I don't mind a rustic cabin, but I would definitely need a stove for warmth.


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