Amazing hiking spots

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Serene created the topic: Amazing hiking spots

Where is the coolest place that you've been hiking? My family and I went hiking a few months back to a lean-to. It was a trail that we've never been on before and we were ended up finding a lake surrounded by the mountains. It was the most beautiful area that I've ever been too and we were lucky enough to have it all to ourselves that day.

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: Amazing hiking spots

I am very fortunate to live about a half a mile from the Appalachian Trail, and I love hiking it. The segment I live near is a great hike for beginners, but so beautiful with pristine scenery. I have friends who are hiking the AT by state. That is a dream of mine that I hope to accomplish one day, as well.

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marcus replied the topic: Amazing hiking spots

Together with a few classmates in college, we once went to hike at a nearby mountain and it was the best experience ever. We also came across a lake surrounded with mountains and it was the greatest site ever.

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DeepSea replied the topic: Amazing hiking spots

Here in Canada, we have a lot of really great hiking spots, but I'm not really an outdoorsy type of person.

A couple of months ago though, we were having really nice autumn weather, so a friend and I drove out to the Forks of the Credit. The fall colours were out that day, and it was absolutely beautiful. There's a real variety of scenery there too, so it keeps things interesting.