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fireme created the topic: Brad Pitt

I heard that part of the legal end of the divorce that him and Angelina Jolie are going through, is that his visits to his children are to be accompanied by a therapist. Supposedly so the children don't get too traumatized by the whole thing.

Do you think this is necessary?

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JoJo replied the topic: Brad Pitt

All this is a load of crap if you ask me. I don't think it is necessary; unless he's a psycho, which I don't think he is. It's crazy how celebrities would do anything to get attention.

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RyleeB replied the topic: Brad Pitt

I know that we will never know what goes on behind closed doors of celebrities lives, but I think that there are only a few situations where children actually need a therapist to sit with them and the parent. If anything, I think this might upset the children even more.

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Snowy replied the topic: Brad Pitt

I agree with JoJo and Rylee - it's crap and it's probably doing more harm than good for the kids. He's their father and unless he's done something violent to them, making them see him with supervision could be really scary. I couldn't imagine if I had been in that situation with my father.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Brad Pitt

I think those kids are old enough that they should not be traumatized by visits from their Dad. If anything you would think that him having frequent visits with them would make the divorce much easier for them to deal with. Many years ago when my first marriage ended my Ex had to have supervised visits with our son. It was not to prevent the baby from being traumatized, it was because my Ex had left bruises on him and he could not be trusted to be alone with our son. I just hope this is not the case with their children and they are using traumatization as a cover up.

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: Brad Pitt

I am kind of so "over it" when it comes to celebrities. I hate to say this about Brad Pitt because I have been a fan for as long as I can remember, but this whole thing is ridiculous. After all these years he suddenly can't be trusted with his own kids? Give me a break.

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nick replied the topic: Brad Pitt

Like you have all mentioned, it makes no point for Brad to be accompanied by a therapist unless he has actually caused bodily harm before. Still, it makes no sense to want to divorce someone after all these years. Celebrities are just attention seekers!