Grammy or Oscars

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marcus created the topic: Grammy or Oscars

Between these two, which one would say is more superior than the other? I see a lot of weight being placed on the Oscars. What are your opinions? At times, I also feel that many good musicians are normally left out of these coveted prices.

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Snowy replied the topic: Grammy or Oscars

I don't pay attention to either anymore. None of them impress me, especially when they use their speeches as a political platform. I think it's ridiculous for them to stand on stage in $2,000 gowns/tuxedos preaching about equality.

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nick replied the topic: Grammy or Oscars

Well, I think that's showbiz for you and celebrities will do anything and everything to trend. Sometime back, these awards made a lot of sense but I think that over the years, their relevance and mark have been watered down. I don't mind watching these though.