What Could We Do?

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fireme created the topic: What Could We Do?

Imagine for a minute that people could suddenly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that chemtrails are harmful to the point of being slowly poisonous.

Realistically, what could we do about it?

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EmmyG replied the topic: What Could We Do?

I wish I knew more about the subject, but sadly I don't. I mean, I've obviously heard about chemtrails, but I don't know the theories about what they are or what is behind them. Is this different from cloud seeding, or are the two linked?

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: What Could We Do?

What could we do as individuals? Not much. If it could be proven that chemtrails are, in fact, lethal, it would have to be the government that takes action. Unless, of course, citizens want to band together as vigilantes and destroy the crafts that cause them.