College football v. NFL

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Snowy created the topic: College football v. NFL

I've never been a big fan of college football, but my dad keeps telling me that it's a lot more exciting than NFL games, so I was thinking about giving it a chance this year. Do you watch college ball and, if so, what team do you follow?

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Chara replied the topic: College football v. NFL

College football is way more exciting than pro football. Those young men play because they want to and not because there is a huge paycheck attached. In the pros, it's a job. In college, it's still a game. I don't have a favorite team but pull for several on a nice cool Saturday afternoon.

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EmmyG replied the topic: College football v. NFL

I am not a college football fan. I don't know why I just never really got into it. I certainly have plenty of family and friends who are big college football fans, I just never got on board with it.


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