Punishment for violent protestors

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Snowy created the topic: Punishment for violent protestors

In your opinion, what punishment should protestors who act violently toward police and destroy property face? With over 200 arrests in Washington yesterday, I'd be willing to bet those people got dragged "downtown" and were issued a summons to appear. Is that enough for people who send police to the hospital and seriously damage businesses and private property?

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fireme replied the topic: Punishment for violent protestors

If I set a car on fire and beat the cop who tried to stop me, I wouldn't be seeing daylight for awhile. But if I did that while 100 other people were doing the same thing, they wouldn't have room to jail all of us at the same time. That's the problem right there.

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marcus replied the topic: Punishment for violent protestors

Whereas there is no denying it that there are more serious crimes than destroying property and/or injuring the police, I think such offenders should be punished 'heavily' so that this can act as a deterrent to others. I have once been caught in a protest and the melee and pandemonium that's normally witnessed isn't really a good thing.