Parole for capital offenders

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marcus created the topic: Parole for capital offenders

Should there be any such thing as parole for the hardcore criminals? I once watched a documentary about a young man who had served 7 years of his sentence and was now seeking parole after showing good behavior. What caught my eye was when witnesses (that he had robbed violently) showed up in court and with terror clearly evident in their faces, confessed that they wouldn't be comfortable seeing the young man walking around in their neighborhood.

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fireme replied the topic: Parole for capital offenders

The way the system is now? No. No parole. They call prison Crime U. because most people come out of prison more crime savvy than when they went in. Reform the entire system and then maybe parole could be a viable option.

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Snowy replied the topic: Parole for capital offenders

I agree with fireme, but as he said in another thread, we have a space problem in our jails and prisons. Violent offenders should stay locked up, but where do we put them and how do we pay for it?

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Perplexed replied the topic: Parole for capital offenders

I think the more hardened the criminal, the less likely parole should be used as an option. Besides, most parolees find "living on the outside" quite next to impossible to command, with the recidivism rate very high. This is a big problem, however, and I don't have any answers.