The death penalty

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Snowy created the topic: The death penalty

What is your stance on the death penalty? Personally, I don't feel like it's our place to take someone's life, no matter what they've done. I also feel that life in prison without parole is a much harsher sentence for some of the lunatics that have committed the really heinous crimes. Some of them welcome death whereas being trapped in a cage would be torture for them.

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fireme replied the topic: The death penalty

You go Sarah. Let it out. :o

Some people would see that viewpoint as radical, but I don't. People need to stop putting their emotions into decisions like this and realize that it all comes down to economics. It is not economically feasible to do what we're doing in the penal system. County's, states and the United States cannot make money this way.

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marcus replied the topic: The death penalty

To say the truth, the death penalty is something I'm usually really unsure about at times. Most of those criminals on death row will (usually) have committed very serious crimes. What justification is there in not enforcing this penalty on someone who has committed murder? Wouldn't it be ridiculous to even think of parole?