Definite Sentences

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Perplexed created the topic: Definite Sentences

How do you feel about definite sentences for various crimes? Would you agree with, let's say, life imprisonment or the death penalty for murder, twenty years for rape, ten years for grand larceny, etc.? Or, do you contend that it depends on the circumstances of the situations involved?

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Snowy replied the topic: Definite Sentences

i think it depends on the circumstances. Not all crimes are created equal and each situation needs to be heard and judged accordingly. For example, a rape case can be a cut and dried situation of a man forcing himself on a woman or it could be a much more violent situation where he almost kills her in the process. I would definitely want to see the latter crime serve more time than the first.

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: Definite Sentences

I kind of like the way it is set up now. I think that each case is different and allowing for sentencing maximums and minimums allows for the complexities of each situation as it is presented in court.