Trails in your home state

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Serene created the topic: Trails in your home state

I have a friend that owns a bike shop and he gave me a great deal on a Raliegh mountain bike last fall. This year, I finally got the chance to take it on a trail. I never knew how much fun it could be riding through these trails and just how many there are in my state. Has anyone ever experienced these trails for themselves? Did you get to see anything that you might have missed if it wasn't for being on your bike?

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Mushroom replied the topic: Trails in your home state

It's unfortunate that my country doesn't care much about bike trails. It's only available in secluded complexes, such as university area. I did try going on my university's trail once and it was a fun ride. I have always enjoyed riding a bike around; a beautiful scenery is a nice complement.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Trails in your home state

There is no sense in buying a "mountain bike" where I live in Florida, there's not even a hill! Really, all kidding aside, I don't know of any trails in Florida, unless you go out into the boonies, or the Everglades, or something. Actually, I've ridden my bike around town quite easily and safely. I suppose that it could be considered "trail biking".