Strange Feelings

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fireme created the topic: Strange Feelings

What is the most peculiar feeling you ever had about someone else you were on a date with? A feeling that, to this day, you still can't understand why you felt that way.

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Serene replied the topic: Strange Feelings

The feeling that I remember the most isn't what I would call peculiar, it was the fluttering in my stomach. Most people just call this the "butterflies in your stomach" feeling. It's that feeling you have when you know that the other person really likes you and you just are in that perfect moment with one another.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Strange Feelings

I've had those fluttery feelings too and they are very nice. However, a time or two, I have had feelings that were not so great. Those feelings were the most peculiar. They were the ones where I found myself thinking the guy seemed so nice on the phone, but was actually a real jerk in person.

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Snowy replied the topic: Strange Feelings

I love the fluttery feelings and I'm so happy that my husband of nine years still has that effect on me! As for dating, I can't say that I ever had a really strange, creepy feeling with anyone I went on a date with, but there were many times when I got a strong incompatible vibe and realized pretty quickly that there wouldn't be a second date.

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marcus replied the topic: Strange Feelings

Every time I had a strange feeling, the relationship ended before it had even blossomed. From then on, I stopped trusting those people that made me have these 'butterflies' in my stomach. I think it was infatuation most of the time.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Strange Feelings

I can't pinpoint one peculiar feeling in particular, but a feeling of, "why did I ever ask this girl out on a date to begin with", had made me wonder a bit. I think, a lot of times, guys think they have to have "a date" so that people don't think they're losers. Now, I see this error of worrying about what people thought of me. Today, happily married, I'm more my own person.