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schwarz created the topic: Dating apps

Dating apps seem at first to be the answer to the obvious problem posed by today's norm of hectic schedules and busy lifestyles. Still, I haven't found them to be satisfying in the least. What's your take on the subject?

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nick replied the topic: Dating apps

We all have busy lifestyles but I think this should never been an excuse for a failure of people to meet-up. I believe it is still possible to find a soulmate without necessarily using a dating app. I would only use such an app for fun.

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Serene replied the topic: Dating apps

I've never used one of these apps, but I think it would be a great way to meet some new people. There are so many people out there that we will never get the chance to meet and if one of these apps can help bring us all together, then I say it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

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fireme replied the topic: Dating apps

People need to learn to prioritize better. If you're serious about finding a better half, simplify the other parts of your life to where you're not as busy as you usually are.

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marcus replied the topic: Dating apps

I have never used such apps before but I think this is such a great way to meet new people. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of success stories.

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Zara replied the topic: Dating apps

I have nothing bad to say about those dating apps, and I'm sure they work perfectly for a lot of people out there, but I personally have never felt the need to use one, and I've never had a problem finding places to meet people.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Dating apps

Back when I was single, I downloaded a couple of dating apps on my phone. It seemed like the only people I saw on them were those who were just looking to have a fling. That definitely was not my style, so I uninstalled them and looked elsewhere.

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CammieZ replied the topic: Dating apps

I've never used one but a couple of my friends did. One found love and is happy and the other one is just having fun. I'd say they work because they both seem to be happy in the outcome.

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EmmyG replied the topic: Dating apps

I have never used a dating app, but I have friends who have and they seem to have been successful with them. I am still a traditional girl and prefer meeting people through face to face interaction.


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