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Snowy created the topic: Amazon Echo

Does anyone here have an Amazon Echo? My husband loves gadgets, so I got him one for Christmas. My main reason for getting it for him is because of the Pandora connection, but I'm wondering if it does anything else that he'll find interesting.

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Mushroom replied the topic: Amazon Echo

I've always wanted to try this kind of voice control device at home, though I often debate myself about its usage later down the way. It seems like overkill for simple things we should've done manually. How do you like the item so far, Snowy?

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RyleeB replied the topic: Amazon Echo

Echo is a great device for someone who loves to listen to music. It can access Pandora like you stated, but it can also control some smart home devices, and offer traffic information. Everything I've read about it always mentions Alexa, though. Does anyone know if it works without owning Alexa?