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nick created the topic: Climate change

Do you guys think that the developed countries are doing enough to reduce the effects of global warming? We always here of climate change talks happening now and then but I feel that these countries are not doing enough to prevent a crisis in the next 20 or 30 years.

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Mushroom replied the topic: Climate change

I'm not sure if it's accurate to blame the countries as whole because the pro-climate actions are very much subjective. Government can only do so much. As long as there are still people who don't care about the change, we still won't avoid the crisis.

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Kira replied the topic: Climate change

It's a process Nick. The more aware we make the general population of "going green" the better off we will all be. From a personal point of view, I can tell you that the winters we have been having lately are not as harsh as they used to be. I saw an article on the artic regions melting the other day and it's really kind of scary.

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schwarz replied the topic: Climate change

I am afraid that the crisis in not in the next 20 or 30 years; it is actually happening right now. There are many scientists who have voiced their concerns about this issue, stating the worrisome statistics. However, this kind of news usually takes a back seat to some completely mindless gossipy topic in headlines.

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Dunlop replied the topic: Climate change

Climate Change, Global Warming, what are we going to name it in the next week, guys, Liberal Mind Melding? I really don't think that a country, like China, for instance, cares two cents about this made up phenomenon, do you? They keep dumping megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere while they're banking all of our loot that they're stealing from our pea brain pseudo-intellectuals because of this garbage. Geez! In the 1970's these geniuses were talking about us heading into another Ice Age. What happened to that?

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fireme replied the topic: Climate change

As humans, we could not do enough to cause a climate disaster, so we sure can't do enough to stop one.

Mother nature is having her way, there's nothing we can do to stop it and our ego's just can't accept that as fact.

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Mushroom replied the topic: Climate change

My friends and I were 'gossiping' about how Trump chose an anti climate-change person as the new chief of the Environmental Protection Agency. Looks like it's going to be even harder to protect our nature from now on.

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Tiana replied the topic: Climate change

I agree that governments can only do so much when it comes to this issue. I feel that the responsibility lies more with us individual people and the way we live our daily lives. What are we each doing on a daily basis to make our world better? All those little actions add up and create change.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Climate change

This appears to be a moot topic since Donald Trump won the election. Does anyone have any idea what the future holds for Climate Change if the Donald totally closes it down for the U.S.?

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nick replied the topic: Climate change

The more you think of such things, the more the reality that we are headed for disaster sinks and what I keep thinking about is whether we can do much at an individual level. As Trump was campaigning, he kept talking about climate change talks but can we really expect much from him? I think each person needs to understand the value of protecting nature because it definitely never forgets and comes back to haunt us.


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