Climate change

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nick created the topic: Climate change

Do you guys think that the developed countries are doing enough to reduce the effects of global warming? We always here of climate change talks happening now and then but I feel that these countries are not doing enough to prevent a crisis in the next 20 or 30 years.

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schwarz replied the topic: Climate change

Unfortunately, a lot of damage can be done by someone in the position of Trump. Echoing some of the earlier comments here, I really don't think much can be done on an individual level as such efforts will be pitiful in the face of the greedy corporations moving in the opposite disastrous direction.

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: Climate change

Well, you can always be like Leonardo di Caprio. You can decry climate change from one end of the globe to the other while flying in your gas-guzzling private jet and riding on your gas-guzzling private yacht. I am all for being responsible with my own footprint, but I will not be lectured to by people who do more damage than I ever will.

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Zara replied the topic: Climate change

I agree that it's best we all take responsibility for our own actions and stop crying about climate change when we ourselves aren't doing anything to change it.

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Enter Sandman replied the topic: Climate change

I believe climate change is really a mix of weather cycles and environmental factors. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely have to take care of Mother Earth, but we also need to recognize that weather happens in cycles and we are about to enter into a new cycle.