FaceBook Fails

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Zara created the topic: FaceBook Fails

This has to be one of the worst fails of all time!

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AutumnRose replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I can see the pic, but I cannot read the words in the post. Clearly if this woman is smoking while being so very pregnant, she is already failing as a mother.

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schwarz replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

Unfortunately, I don't think this is the worst fail I've ever come across simply because I've actually seen many pregnant women doing all sorts of things they really shouldn't.

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RyleeB replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I'm not really sure what the conversation says in the photo; it's too hard to see. The only thing I see is the pregnant woman smoking. Is there any way to make this bigger so we can see what the conversation is saying?

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Zara replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I couldn't see what the writing was saying either, but it was enough of a fail to see the very pregnant woman smoking. So sad!

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AutumnRose replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I agree this is terribly sad! If the mother is smoking while pregnant, imagine how much she may fail as a mom once the baby is born. I hope someone shows her this picture of herself and it is a real eye opener of just how pathetic it is to do harm to your baby before it is even born.

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Kira replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I think the biggest fail here is the picture of the belly. Why would you want to show your belly on Facebook? Is there no modesty left in the world? Not to mention the smoking part. Some people just need to get a life and get on with it.

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Dunlop replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

Wow! It looks like she is ready to deliver at any minute! The baby is going to come out coughing with her cigarette smoking! I, too couldn't read the caption. Women should be better informed and aware of the dangers of smoking while being pregnant in this day and age!

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marcus replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I cannot read clearly but I think it is sad for someone to not only smoke while heavily pregnant, but also post such a picture in social media. I hope she comes to her senses and realizes that this is risky behavior.

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Perplexed replied the topic: FaceBook Fails

I'm on Facebook but would think twice before I posted a picture such as this. I wonder sometimes what all this picture posting is about. Why do people want to show every aspect of their lives constantly to complete strangers? It's a sad testimonial to our likes and way of life these days.


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