My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

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Dunlop created the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

What can I say, my mother-in-law never cared for me. I'm lucky that she tries to be pleasant, but it's obvious that she wishes her daughter had chosen her previous boyfriend to marry. Is anybody having this same dilemma, and, how do you handle this situation? Any wisdom or advice out there?

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AutumnRose replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

I do not have that problem now because I have a great relationship with my mother-inlaw. However, a few years ago, I dated a guy for a lil over 3 years and his mother hated me entirely. She always tried to pretend she liked me, but it was always so fake. Then, one day she got mad at me and jumped up and down and screamed in my face. He decided it was more important to keep his mom happy than to be with me and we broke up.
We got back together for awhile, but it was never the same. I finally realized I would never have a life with him as long as she was alive and trying to come between us and I walked away for good. It was very painful at the time, but it was the best decision. I moved on, married a wonderful man who has amazing parents that I simply adore.
But, you are already married. If you love your wife and she loves you, it should not matter what any of the inlaws think of either of you. All that matters is that you are both happy with each other. If your wife does not side against you, you a lot more going for you than I did. So, it is probably best to try to be pleasant to her mother to avoid any hard feelings it may cause for anyone. That is, as long as the mother is not being cruel towards you.

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RyleeB replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

My Mother-in-Law doesn't like me either. She made that very clear to me when I first started dating my husband. In her opinion, I would never be good enough for him. I wish that things could be different between us because it makes it difficult when we all have to get together. I just try to keep my distance from her and be as pleasant as I possibly can.

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CammieZ replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

Of course, I'm sure you are doing everything to make her like you, right? It isn't easy for anyone when they are at odds with their in-laws. I don't have this problem.

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fireme replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

If my mother in law didn't like me but was least cordial towards me, I would be cordial to her as well. It doesn't hurt to be nice to people.

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Kira replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

Speaking from the other side of the fence. There is no girl out there good enough for my sons. That's what I used to think anyway. These days I realize you must take what they bring home and do the best you can with them. If my sons are happy then so am I. On the other hand, my mother-in-law never liked me either. She used to put me down at every opportunity. It got so bad one time that when she called I immediately handed the phone to my husband. I didn't need or deserve the trash I got from her. The justice in that whole situation is that she ended up living with us during her last two years and I became her primary caregiver. That was a tough situation but I tried to treat her as I would want to be treated. She often said she never believed I would be that good to her. "What goes around comes around."

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Snowy replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

My mother-in-law is hard to read. My husband tells me she adores me, but sometimes I don't think that's the case. We're from very different backgrounds, so maybe she and I just don't have much in common.

In your situation, I agree with what AutumnRose said. As long as your wife isn't taking sides with her mother, you're in good shape and you can focus on your marriage instead of the extended family.

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

I have always felt like this about my mother-in-law, despite the fact that I care for her deeply. My husband insists that she loves me, and perhaps it is because she is not an overly demonstrative woman that I feel this way, but I have felt this for 22 years. I totally get how you feel. The only thing you can do it prove her wrong and be the best husband you can be. That is what I have done. I can't control what others think about me.

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marcus replied the topic: My Mother-in-Law Never Liked Me

The way we relate with our in-laws is different and it depends on their perception of who you are. I always try to be nice to my parents-in-law and there's never been a clash of sorts. As everyone else has mentioned, you are much better off with your wife on your side.


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