Sick for Christmas

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Snowy created the topic: Sick for Christmas

My seven-year-old woke up this morning with a sore throat and now I'm starting to feel stuffy with a scratchy throat. I don't have much left to do in preparation, but I hate the thought of both of us feeling icky Christmas morning. Have you ever been through this before? How did you make the best of a lousy situation?

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Sick for Christmas

A few years ago, my then 10 year old daughter had mono from right before Christmas through New Years. It was terrible because she felt so bad and all I could really do was give her medicine and try to keep her comfortable. I pray we never go through that again. I hope you and your son get to feeling better soon so you can enjoy Christmas.

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nick replied the topic: Sick for Christmas

I have never been in a similar situation before but I can imagine how bad it must feel to be sick during the festive season. I hope you both get well soon. Sore throats can be annoying indeed.

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JoJo replied the topic: Sick for Christmas

Aw I'm so sorry to hear that! Thankfully, I have never been sick on Christmas. If I ever do, I think I would just forget about all the plans and just do nothing.

I hope you get better soon!

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fireme replied the topic: Sick for Christmas

I don't think that's ever happened to me, but this year I was sick for week leading up to it. It helps to have all those x-mas lights and the lit up tree though. It makes you feel better somehow.

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CammieZ replied the topic: Sick for Christmas

Ugh, I hope you weren't too sick. Us as parents have to just tough through it and make it the best for our kids. I hope that your holiday was a good one.

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Serene replied the topic: Sick for Christmas

When I was younger it always seemed like I had the flu every year for Christmas. I don't know how my parent's ever got through any of it because one always had to stay home with me, while the other one got to go to the celebrations. I'm glad that none of my kids have ever been sick for Christmas. Our bad luck always happens on New Year's Eve.