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The Speaker created the topic: A few words about advertising

Advertising income is what pays for sprecn.com's expenses, including site hosting, support, and improvements. By using the site, you agree to not use ad blockers. And we agree to not display ads that are obtrusive or that might otherwise take away from your experience on the site. Our philosophy is simple: ads are necessary but should not be obnoxious.

What our ads do:
Banner ads displayed on sprecn.com are visible in fixed locations on the site, placed among the site's content. As you scroll through a page, the ads scroll with the page's content. You might see from 1 to 4 small banner ads on any page.

What our ads DON'T do:
Ads displayed on sprecn.com:

  • do not dock so they're always visible as you scroll through a page
  • do not fill the entire screen or otherwise cover any site content
  • do not pop up/over/under/around
  • do not link words or phrases in forum posts to ad content
  • do not require you to take any additional action to view site content

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