Spring Fashion Trends

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Serene created the topic: Spring Fashion Trends

I just saw an article about some of the fashion trends for this spring; I really wasn't impressed. Most of it seems very loose-fitting and not flattering at all. Plus, I don't think that trench coats look very good in women's fashion since they are so bulky. Have you seen the upcoming trends for the spring season yet? What do you think about them?

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Snowy replied the topic: Spring Fashion Trends

I haven't even looked yet. I haven't been impressed with too much in the fashion world for a few years now, so I don't have high hopes for the spring trends. It seems like they can't find a balance - everything is either too tight, which is no good for curvy women, or too loose, which isn't great for fit women.

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DeepSea replied the topic: Spring Fashion Trends

I agree. I'm not too excited about it either. Everything seems big and bulky or athletic inspired. I also don't like that they're trying to push vintage jeans. I'm not really a fan of those and I will proably continue to wear my out-of-date skinny jeans into the spring and summer haha. I don't really care.

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Millwood replied the topic: Spring Fashion Trends

Ugh, I really don't like what's "in" right now. Baggy, loose-fitting clothes are a no-go for me...call me immodest but I need my figure to be seen. I'm going to have to be brave and un-hip this Spring!

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Chara replied the topic: Spring Fashion Trends

I have seen the new spring fashions and I am not impressed. What I saw looked retro to me. I wore caftans back in the 70's and that's exactly what I saw on the runway. I wish folks would dress up again rather than look like they came from a thrift store.


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