Acts of Kindness

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Tiana created the topic: Acts of Kindness

Have you ever noticed just how good it feels to do something nice for someone else, especially when you don't expect anything back, or when a stranger does something nice for you? This happened to me just recently, when I was walking in town and the heel on my shoe broke. A lady who was walking next to me stopped and pulled out a pair of flip-flops from her bag and handed them to me. It just warmed my heart how nice people can be. Do you have a story to share about any good deeds that you did or that you were at the receiving end of?

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Acts of Kindness

I think it feels even better to perform an act of kindness than to receive it. I probably have not done as many as I should, but I have a little neighbor girl that lives up the road from me and she rarely gets to go anywhere or do anything fun. So, when we have the extra money, we take her with us to the mall or a movie so she can also hang out with our daughter. At Halloween, we took her to a local haunted house and she had the best time. It made me feel good to see her smile.

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marcus replied the topic: Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness always give me as assurance that there is hope for humanity, especially when we hear stories of hatred and animosity all around us. As Autumrose has mentioned, it naturally feels good to show acts of kindness, than to receive them. I also feel good when I help people, without expecting anything back. There are definitely those that will probably show no appreciation at all.

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Zara replied the topic: Acts of Kindness

I hear you, but I have always believed that there will always be good people as long as there are bad, and people will always, always shine in times of a crisis. Something about being in such situations always brings out the best in a lot of people and they just do everything they can to help others and to make other people's lives better.

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Tiana replied the topic: Acts of Kindness

You're totally right, Zara. When you look at the areas that are affected by these natural disaster, amidst all that pain and loss, what you can notice the most is the way that people come together to help each other and start sacrificing their time and energy to help others even though they themselves are in the exact same situation. It's just heart-warming. Amazing!

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Kira replied the topic: Acts of Kindness

Sometimes, the simplest acts can be the biggest acts of kindness. A kind word to a stressed mom in the grocery store. A hug for a neighborhood child that has just scraped a knee. Listening to stories from an old person or just a visit. I try to be kind to everyone I meet because there's a story there somewhere.

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nick replied the topic: Acts of Kindness

For me, it is more gratifying to show acts of kindness than it is to receive them. If you show goodness, then you end up endearing yourself to many people. It also feels good when you are being kind and the recipient is showing appreciation.