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CammieZ created the topic: Income taxes

How quickly do you file your income taxes? Do you do your own or go to an accountant?

I'm an accountant so I do my own. I try to do them as soon as I get all my information. I figure why let the government keep my money for a longer period of time.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Income taxes

I wait until all of my tax statements are sent through the mail and then make an appointment with our tax service person. She is an EA, not quite a CPA, but she is very knowledgeable and does the job very well. I don't wait until after Feb 1, I call right away.

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fireme replied the topic: Income taxes

I usually wait until the first of April. I don't put it off until the very last minute, but I do put it off to the point where I have to have a sense of urgency when I do get started. It motivates me I guess.

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Serene replied the topic: Income taxes

I always do my own taxes and my families because I'm an accountant too. As soon as I get all of our forms in I start the process right away. We are normally the ones that get our return back the second week of February. Of course, I guess it would be different if we owed money; then I might wait until April to file them.

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Zara replied the topic: Income taxes

I guess we're all different, but one thing I think we may have in common is the fact that no one enjoys this kind of work. I've learnt early on in my adult life not to put things off till the last minute, especially taxes. So I get going on mine asap and it feels really good when you get it out of the way.


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