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CammieZ created the topic: Jambalaya

I'm trying my hand an jambalaya tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. Only problem is that we have invited 2 other couples to come over and eat. I truly hopes it turns out! Silly me for inviting people the first time I make a new dish.

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Snowy replied the topic: Jambalaya

Seeing this just reminded me that I haven't made jambalaya yet this winter. My husband and I lived in south Louisiana for eight years and jambalaya is one of his favorite winter comfort foods. I don't eat meat, but I love that it's a one-pot meal. How did yours turn out?

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Zara replied the topic: Jambalaya

Oh, that takes me back! My mom used to make the best Jambalaya of anyone I knew. I have never attempted to make it myself, but one of these days when I've built up enough confidence, I'll give it a try. We're all eager to hear how yours turned out.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Jambalaya

I have never tried making jambalaya myself. I have eaten a couple different versions of it and I really enjoyed it. I would love to see some of the recipes you all use so I could try my hand at it too.