Xbox One S

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CammieZ created the topic: Xbox One S

I bought an Xbox One S last night on a black friday sale. I'm pretty excited because it looks pretty cool. Anyone have one yet? Is it much more advanced than the Xbox 360?

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Mushroom replied the topic: Xbox One S

I read that the specifications are not that much different. Xbox One S does have an Ultra HD Blu-ray, which means special improvement in graphic and overall enjoyment of the games. For that alone, it's probably worth the money.

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RyleeB replied the topic: Xbox One S

They had some pretty good deals on Xbox One and PS4's yesterday. We were thinking about getting an Xbox One because my husband wants to play the new Forza but we found out that he might be able to just get it for the computer and still be able to play it online with his cousin.

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CammieZ replied the topic: Xbox One S

We bought it. I'm excited that you can watch blu-ray movies in it too. The kids will be pretty happy to play the games too. Only problem is, we need all new games now.