Is less more?

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Zara created the topic: Is less more?

When it comes to web design these days, if you want your site to look professional and well put together, is it essential to make sure that it's not cluttered by unnecessary graphics or is it better to have a design that is not simple and shows the prowess of the designer?

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Abby Gail replied the topic: Is less more?

I am not an expert at building websites, but I know as someone who visits several websites a day that I will turn away from a cluttered website almost as quickly as I see it. The whole idea of searching for something on the internet is the convenience of finding it quickly. If there are lots of busy graphics and too many links to click on, this does feel like you can find what you are looking for quickly or easily.

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JoJo replied the topic: Is less more?

I would definitely go for a simple and straight to the point kind of design. It is also easier to maintain at a later stage.

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Oxana replied the topic: Is less more?

In this case, yes; less is definitely more. I don't like websites that are full of stuff all over them. A simple clean design would be better.