Raking Leaves

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Kira created the topic: Raking Leaves

One of my fondest childhood memories is jumping in a pile of leaves in the fall. We had huge maple trees and lots of beautifully colored leaves. That combined with cool weather and hot apple cider makes for a perfect day. Have you started raking yet?

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Serene replied the topic: Raking Leaves

I have a lot of memories like this too from when I was a child. I remember getting up early on a cool Saturday morning and helping my parents rake our huge yard. Unfortunately, where I live now, I don't have that many trees so raking isn't something that I need to do. I sure do miss those Saturday mornings, though.

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CammieZ replied the topic: Raking Leaves

Well it's snowing here now, so no raking. I raked a ton this year. It was crazy.

As a child I loved jumping in the leaves too. My kids love it too.

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fireme replied the topic: Raking Leaves

I leave the raking to the little lady these days. She enjoys it, there's not much to rake and there is other yard work I can do at the same time. It all makes for an enjoyable day.

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JoJo replied the topic: Raking Leaves

Our raking "season" is long gone now because the snow started really early this year unfortunately. I also enjoyed doing that when I was a kid. I don't really do it much now.

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Perplexed replied the topic: Raking Leaves

When I was a child, raking the leaves into a pile and then jumping in was great fun! As an adult, not so much, mainly because we lived on a lot near woods, plus all of the neighbors leaves seemed to amass in our yard as well. Now, we have moved to Florida and have very few leaf shedding trees in our yard. Hooray!