Planning ahead

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CammieZ created the topic: Planning ahead

Anyone planning out their vegetable garden for next spring? I'm sitting inside watching it snow so I'm planning my next garden. I want to change things up a lot next year. I'm pretty excited to be planning already.

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fireme replied the topic: Planning ahead

I planning out the fencing and gate situation around my yard. Some sections need replacing while others need fixing. I don't think I'll do any ground work next year.

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Kira replied the topic: Planning ahead

We have gone from about half an acre to pot gardening over the years. The big garden was great when all the kids were home. Now there's just the two of us and a local produce stand just up the street. I still grow hot peppers and a tomato or two in pots. It satisfies my green thumb.

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RyleeB replied the topic: Planning ahead

This is the best time of the year to get started on planning out your garden. Before you know it, it will be time to start planting. I think that they only thing that I'm going to change in my garden this year is to add in a few more potted veggies on the deck. Some of my smaller plants, like my peppers, got crowded out last year.