Understanding human behavior

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marcus created the topic: Understanding human behavior

I think philosophy - on its own- is very intriguing and for a long time, I have always wanted to study human behavior. The fact of the matter is that as humans, we are affected and are part of things that move. It would be interesting to read more about the theories revolving around this subject. Is there a book that any of you can recommend?

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nick replied the topic: Understanding human behavior

It would be intriguing to learn more about human behaviour. Our daily interactions involve a lot of psychology. I believe that on a personal level, we could learn ways of improving interactions and enhancing the way we relate with each other.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: Understanding human behavior

I took a college philosophy class and I really did not learn a lot about human behavior. I think that books or classes on psychology might help one understand more about this. I took two college psychology classes and I simply loved them. There is a website you can go to called free-ed.net to take free online classes on a wide variety of subjects. I am going to take some on psychology myself.