What is it about The Donald?

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dopey created the topic: What is it about The Donald?

My first post is kind of a confession...I'm a Republican but I'm really on the fence about who to vote for this year. :headslap: Love or hate him, everyone seems to agree Trump's controversial. But he seems to be self-imploding lately, almost like he doesn't really want to win. I want to hear more from Trump supporters, what is it about him? Why do you think he's the best choice in this election? Can he win? (does he want to?)

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jeepster replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

I don't know what Trump's thinking/doing. 4 years ago, I hoped the guy would run for president, everything you heard about him was positive and successful. Turns out everything you heard about him CAME from him. He's the world's greatest spin doctor, but he's also apparently a train wreck. Failed businesses, unpaid employees and contractors, and now a history of sexual harassment? (from his own words and from women that are coming out of the woodwork in the last couple of days) He's not going to spin himself out this one.

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chetmanly replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

For me, it's not so much a matter of really liking the guy as it is really NOT liking the alternative. I don't like either of them, but I don't think Clinton is trustworthy. My $.02.

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AutumnRose replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

I am definitely voting for Trump. Why? If he does what he says he will do by creating more jobs and a better economy for our country, I am all for it. I think he is very determined, head strong and will not allow terrorists to continue to prey on America. Sure, he annoys me to no end sometimes. I think he has done some stupid things in his past that he regrets now. But, I do appreciate that he was man enough to admit some of them and apologize.

I just simply do not have any faith at all in Hillary. I see her as a self-centered liar who is only concerned about what she can do to cover her butt. I am also against late term abortion and that seems to be perfectly fine with her.
For me, Trump is the lesser of the two evils.

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funkshuttles replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

I think that Trump is the better of two evils... which means he didn't get my vote (I voted for Gary Johnson last week via mail). While I do think that Hillary is a panderer and changes her story depending upon who she is lying to, I don't think that Trump is really any different; he just does it from a more conservative perspective. Regardless, neither of the mainstream candidates received my vote. For me, voting third party is to send the message that I, as an American, am sick of having to choose between two worthless candidates. I know that Gary Johnson doesn't have a chance to win... but perhaps he can soak up a few electoral college votes and make 270 impossible; forcing the House to choose (and sending a massive message to the puppet masters pulling the strings.)

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Perplexed replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

I see this election as the Globalist (Clinton) versus the Nationalist (Trump). I think a vote for Trump is the last and only way to stave off a trend towards a "One World Order", which Hillary Clinton would love! I think this woman is a liar and traitor, she's extremely dangerous, please don't be fooled like so many others. America, as an entity, is at stake. "Open Borders", "Free and Unlimited Acceptance for Terrorists", "Regulation Strangulation Diminishing Our Rights", etc., would be the norm for a Hillary, and yes, Bill Clinton, her "Cohort in Crime", Administration. Trump isn't perfect, far from it, however, being a non-politician and "Outsider", he may be just what America needs to bring Us back to prosperity and sanity in the presidency. "Make America, not the rest of the world, Great Again!" Donald Trump for President!

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Snowy replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

How I think this is going to turn out depends on what day you ask me. Some days I feel semi-confident Trump can win, but other days I just don't see how anyone can beat Hillary. The woman should be in prison, for Heaven's sake, and yet she still has diehard supporters. We've called other candidates and presidents Teflon before, but she truly deserves the title, especially if she wins.

I've been to two Trump rallies in the past couple months and I do believe he wants to win. Don't get me wrong, though - I don't trust him any more than an establishment politician and he does make me a little nervous, but she terrifies me. Personally, I was a Kasich supporter until Trump got the nomination. In hindsight, there is no way Kasich could have gone up against Hillary and had a snowball's chance to win. This election is about two very strong personalities who aren't afraid to take their gloves off.

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fireme replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

Because he's not a politician by trade. And if you ask me, after 8 years in the White House he STILL won't be a politician. He'll still be Trump the businessman, the arrogant a-hole who refuses to be talked down to, lied to and treated like an unwashed serf.

The people who voted for him knows how that feels and we're sick of it.

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marcus replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

When the opinion polls started narrowing to a slim lead to Hillary, I started to believe that he had a chance. A lot was said on the campaign trail and now we have Donald Trump as the commander-in-chief. We will only judge him by his performance in his first term in office. The presidency is a different thing altogether so we'll just have to wait and see.

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SuddenlySarah replied the topic: What is it about The Donald?

I am very pleased that our current President is offering to help the President-Elect, and I have to believe he is sincere. I think we need to see more cooperation in this country and that needs to start at the top. They have to set examples for the rest of the country to follow.