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marcus created the topic: Playing chess

I have been playing this game for a long time just for fun but I can imagine how exciting it would be to play it professionally. It would be interesting to also follow the chess icons like Kasparov and analyze some of their most popular moves. Does anyone here play chess?

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DeepSea replied the topic: Playing chess

My boyfriend is really good at chess. He used to go to competitions and win trophies and stuff. I could never play with him though, because although I like chess, I'm not good enough to challenge him at all haha.

If I was really good at chess, and it was something I was super passionate about, I think I'd try to play professionally. Although, I think it'd really hard to keep up and probably a bit stressful at times.

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marcus replied the topic: Playing chess

Playing chess is a bit stressful at times because it involves a lot of brainwork and thinking. Interestingly, I have never managed to beat the person who taught me this wonderful game (although I did this once). The best times - in chess - are when you are on a winning streak. On the contrary, it is such a bad feeling when on a losing streak.