People Tailgating Me

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Perplexed created the topic: People Tailgating Me

What really irks me is people following too closely to my rear end when I'm driving my car. They can't seem to get too close to me! What I do, and what is recommended by the "experts", is to slow down. I do this and they pass me out. Good riddance! These days, though, you have to be careful about road rage, they may pull a gun on you for "wasting their time".

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Serene replied the topic: People Tailgating Me

That is one of the things that I can't stand about driving either. It always makes me nervous that they aren't going to be paying attention and then I'll have to slam on my brakes because of something in front of me and then it will turn into a chain reaction of collisions. These people just need to back off and take their time.

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Dunlop replied the topic: People Tailgating Me

Count me in. I hate it when someone tails me! Can't these losers find some other type of entertainment? I agree with Perplexed about pressing the issue, though, you never know who's "packing heat" these days.