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Snowy created the topic: Verizon

My smartphone is seriously on the fritz and I need a new phone. My husband is traveling for work, so yesterday I went into crisis mode about it and went on Verizon's website to see what my upgrade options were. I spent about three hours trying to put a phone in my cart and their site kept giving me an error message every time I tried to complete the purchase. Throughout the course of the rest of the day, between my husband and myself, we had talked to seven different Verizon employees in stores, through online chat, and on the phone. It wasn't until 10:30 last night that I finally got someone on the phone who could help me get what I want in a reasonable amount of time and without putting out a ton of money up front.

I was very happy last week when I saw that Verizon was bringing back unlimited data plans, but my happiness with them was short-lived. The poor customer service experience I had yesterday will not be forgotten anytime soon. I think it's just one more example of Verizon being too big for their britches and not really caring how they treat their customers.