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JoJo created the topic: Spirit Guides

I have been reading a lot lately about spirit guides and how people connect to them etc. I am not very sure I understand how this spiritual "world" works to be honest, but I am really intrigued by this topic.

Has anyone here ever had any sort of spiritual experience like this?

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fireme replied the topic: Spirit Guides

What some people call spirit guides, I call guardian angels. It is said that we all have one, and I for one tend to believe it. I think the word guide here should not be taken literally though. They don't "guide" you per se, but rather help you in ways you need help.

We are all different and need help from time to time in ways that are specific to us personally. Sometimes we get help from family and friends, but sometimes that help isn't enough. Sometimes that help comes by way of something happening to you that you can't explain. For example, a kid gets hit full on by a car going 40 mph while he is on his bicycle. He gets thrown over a stop sign and lands on the concrete sidewalk, yet suffers no broken, or even fractured, bones. He gets up on his own accord and walks off.

How else can you explain that?

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Snowy replied the topic: Spirit Guides

I fall into the same camp as fireme and I believe in guardian angels. I have definitely had times when I felt protected and not alone and I believe that this was either God Himself or Him working through an angel.

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EmmyG replied the topic: Spirit Guides

It is interesting you say this because I usually do some sort of guided meditation to help me fall asleep. I do traditional meditations, but I have also done angel meditations. The other night I came across a meditation/guided hypnosis to get in touch with your spirit guide. I started listening to it but became very uncomfortable with some of the prompts. It was pretty much having me invite whatever spirit in, and while I am not a paranormal nut, I know better than to just open the door and let just anyone in.