Skiing or snowboarding?

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DeepSea created the topic: Skiing or snowboarding?

I'm a Canadian, and recently one of my American friends asked me if I've ever tried skiing or snowboarding, and embarrassingly, I had to tell him that I've never tried either.

Since then, I've been thinking that I should get out there and give at least one of them a try this winter, but I can't decide which I should start with.

Do you ski or snowboard? Have you tried both? Which is easier to learn, and which is more fun?

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Serene replied the topic: Skiing or snowboarding?

I've never skied before, I've only been snowboarding. I've been told that skiing is a lot easier to learn than snowboarding, though. It definitely takes some getting used to since both of your feet are strapped together on the board. You have to learn how to bend your knees properly, and how to cut into the snow just right to turn. If you're up for the challenge, then snowboarding is the way to go.

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Snowy replied the topic: Skiing or snowboarding?

I've always wanted to learn to ski, but each winter goes by without me getting out there and trying. I think next year I'll take my daughter and we can go for lessons together. I would imagine snowboarding is harder, so I think I'll leave that to the more experienced folks.


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