Tools for a storm spotter

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Serene created the topic: Tools for a storm spotter

What kind of tools do you need to become a storm spotter? My son is very interested in weather related phenomenon and I would like to start him out with something small where he can watch and predict what might happen next with a storm. I obviously don't want him to physically chase down a severe storm since he is young, but I think it might be interesting to see what he would do with some of the data.

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EmmyG replied the topic: Tools for a storm spotter

I actually know about this! NOAA offers local storm spotter classes that you have to take to become a true storm spotter. Everything you would need is discussed in the class. Storm spotters are different from storm chasers. Storm spotters just relay information to local authorities and NWS offices about weather/storms they are observing in their location. They don't chase storms the way a storm chaser does.