Travel for the holidays

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Serene created the topic: Travel for the holidays

How many people here are planning on traveling this holiday week? I will only be driving since my destination isn't that far away. I know in a lot of states the weather has been terrible lately so I'm wondering if the weather will have an affect on your travel plans and how you are preparing for it?

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fireme replied the topic: Travel for the holidays

This is the thing about the U.S. That date stamp on the bottom right of the post didn't have to be there for this topic. Saint Patrick's holiday is right around the corner. Next month it will be something else. You can't turn the corner in this country without running into another holiday. They're like drunk pedestrians......they're everywhere they shouldn't be.

Me? I'm heading over to one of the watering holes in a drinking town 20 miles from where I live for St. Patty's day. I think I'll shoot some pool this year. Wide eyed tourists with money to burn, and drunk locals who thinks their sh*t doesn't stink. A wonderfully bizarre combination.