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Snowy created the topic: No team sports

My daughter is homeschooled and while we have her in several extracurricular activities, I recently realized none of them are team sports. The only thing that comes close is an acting ensemble she in involved with every summer. Do you think team sports are essential or is it okay to skip that as long as there are sports and activities in her life?

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Serene replied the topic: No team sports

My kids are homeschooled too and I don't think there is a problem with them not being involved with team sports. My son goes to the YMCA and participates in team related sports, but my daughter loves her dance classes. Even though she does the activity in a group setting, it is really more about her abilities. I think as long as they are doing what they love, then there shouldn't be an issue with it.

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Snowy replied the topic: No team sports

Thanks for the reply, Serene. My daughter does gymnastics, so I understand what you mean about being in a group setting, yet the focus is on her abilities. I'd love for her to take dance so she'd at least have to learn to work with others for choreographed recitals, but she had a bad experience at a dance class when she was four and she refuses to go back.


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