A Zoology education

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Serene created the topic: A Zoology education

Even though my youngest daughter is only 10-years-old, she has expressed great interest in becoming a zoologist. When the time comes for her to pursue her education, what are some good programs out there? I'm finding that our local colleges don't really offer this type of program.

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Snowy replied the topic: A Zoology education

She may have to go away for school since this is a specialized degree. I think the University of California is supposed to have an excellent zoology program, but where she goes is going to depend on where you're located and how far away you're willing to let her travel for school.

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Chara replied the topic: A Zoology education

I agree Snowy. She may have to go away to school. Literally! I have a friend with a lifelong dream to become a marine biologist. She lived inland in the US so she went "away" to school on the coast. She has now graduated and lives in Chicago where she works at the Shedd Aquarium. If this is your daughter's dream, you should let her go.